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Congrès médical

(CONGRES Du 01 AVRIL 2017 au 08 AVRIL 2017)

the national Academy(Regional education authority) of dental surgeryDental surgeon homeopathPresident of the Academy The KnowledgesVice-president and Teacher in I.H.S ., Scientific Homeopathic InstitutePresident of the oral Pole and the stomatology of the I.H.S.Member(Limb) of the THAT of S.F.H ., French Company(Society) of HomoeopathyD.I.U. of Homoeopathy of the University of Medicine of Bobigny, Faculty(Power) Paris XIII


BEST-SELLER: The clinical homoeopathy for the dental surgeon Collection Guides private hospital, Published(Edited) CDP, 225 p, 2nd edition(publishing) Nov on 2015.

Thèmes :

Theme 1: homoeopathy and Prevention: in medical, oral and paramedical clinical Implantologie-case.


Theme 2: medical right: information to the patient

Contact :

Tél: 01 42 21 47 57 –  Port: 06 13 21 61 58


Adresse: 27 Rue Jean Jacques 75001 Paris Courriel :

Program Congress

 3:00 am at 4:00 am Duration averages a day:

 On Friday, April 01nd: opening of the Congress

Presentation(Display): whom(that) is that a homeopathic medicine? - medical right

On Saturday, April 02rd: interactive Round Table - Discuss:
The homoeopathy in the medical, oral care in Sardinia

On Sunday, April 03th: interactive Round Table-
Practical follow-ups: homoeopathy - Course to follow - right and Ethics

On Monday, April 04th: Entretiens-
Interest of the congress in Sardinia: "homoeopathy" practises dental and paramedical medical professional Exercise

On Tuesday, April 05th: 17h30-20h30: Courts(Yards) masterful left 1-

Treatment(Processing) of the pain in Homoeopathy: any Surgery in Medical, in oral Stomatology - legal aspects.

On Wednesday, April 06th: 17h30-20h30: Courts(Yards) masterful left 2-

Homoeopathy and Surgery, Implantologie with clinical case.

On Thursday, April 07th: 17h30-20h30: Courts(Yards) masterful left 3-
Treatment(Processing) of the pre-surgical anxiety children-adults by therapeutic Homeopathic of support(accompaniment) - legal Aspects

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