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Sédarim, Conférences and Minyanim

In a spirit of festivity and tradition, two different Sédarim will be organized in different rooms:

• A collective Seder, under the animation of Rav Ephraim CREMISI, will gather the guests interested in the comments and liturgy of the Hagada of Pesach.

• A family Seder retaining the peculiar character of each one, will mingle the joy and the pleasure of ancestral customs to obtain the sensation of a fabulous Seder.

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Gan & Junior Club

Animations & Shows

Our singers:


Accompanied by the conductor Yossef BRAMI, will enchant your evenings for the greatest pleasure of all.

The magician Dan BELL, you will discover magic in all its aspects,

it's Magic!

Our animators will organize a host of activities throughout your stay ...

Dynamic and participative shows adapted to all, in an original and fun way.

On the program: shows in the amphitheater, bingo, excursions, competitions, tournaments, theme nights, music around the pool, a range of entertainment for your happiness and that of your children.


A magnificent MIMOUNA, will close this majestic PESSAH.

To entertain you pleasantly during your holidays, entrust your child from 12 months to 3 years to the Baby Club.

Every day, mornings and afternoons of the experienced animators will take care of their well-being in dedicated spaces and secured inside or outside, games of awakening and outdoors await them, all in an atmosphere full of Sweetness and tenderness.

Conceived by a team of specialized cooks, the healthy and balanced meals of the Baby Club will be perfectly adapted to the nutritional needs of toddlers

Medical congress

Of the national Academy(Regional education authority) of dental surgery
Dental surgeon homeopath
President of the Academy The Knowledges
Vice-president and Teacher in I.H.S ., Scientific Homeopathic Institute
President of the oral Pole and the stomatology of the I.H.S.
Member(Limb) of the THAT of S.F.H ., French Company(Society) of Homoeopathy
D.I.U. of Homoeopathy of the University of Medicine of Bobigny, Faculty(Power) Paris XIII
BEST-SELLER:? The clinical homoeopathy for the dental surgeon?
Collection Guides private hospital, Published(Edited) CDP, 225 p, 2nd edition(publishing) Nov on 2015.


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