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Sédarim, Conférences and Minyanim

In a spirit of celebration and tradition, two different sedarim will be organized in different rooms:

1- A collective Seder under the animation of bar Rabbi Binyamin Chaim, meeting guests interested in the comments and the liturgy of Passover Haggadah.


2- A family Seder keeping the unique character of each, mixing joys and ancestral pleasure to give you the feeling of a Seder to the taste of freedom.

Friendliness and eagerness to learn will mingle for all to enjoy .


  • Sephardic

  • Ashkenazi 

  • Israelis 


The conviviality and the desire to learn will mingle for the pleasure of all.


Listen to readings on the exposed depths of the Torah, Talmud and Israel by Rabbi Binyamin Chaim Bar (Course in English and Hebrew).


For men, halakhic lessons will be organized after the services By Rav Ephraim CREMISI in French and Hebrew.


Ladies ... Harmony and relaxation help you discover the many facets of the Jewish woman through the Torah.

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