Arié Chel Hyda invites you to discover the best of haute cuisine, French and Israeli in the heart of Greece.

Full board, Glatt Kosher Laméhadrine, without Kitniot or Shreya, under the strict supervision of Rav Ephraim CREMISI, Dayan Kéhilat Mékor Hohma Montreal.

A cuisine of high gastronomy, to the taste of the thousand and one flavors of the Orient, where tradition rhymes with abundance. The reputation of our chefs is linked to the prestige of tasty French cuisine, the refinement of Eastern European dishes and the charms of the recipes of the land of Israel.

Breakfasts will be served in the form of magnificent Israeli buffets. Lunches and dinners will be served in elegant lounges, with possibility of private lounge for the sedarim, with a breathtaking view of the sea.

Moments privileged and cordial, snacks will be served on the terrace facing the swimming pool.

Our delicious meals will be accompanied by succulent desserts and pastries, selected by our master pastry chefs.

Wines and beverages will be served at all meals. The whole will be enclosed by a splendid Mimouna, with the rhythms, flavors and colors of the Mediterranean.

A service at table or in buffet, will be elaborated by our maitres d 'hotel always concerned with your well being.